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Values of our church

Values of Yukon Bible Fellowship

These are some of the distinctive values of our church family, things we aspire to and seek to fulfill through our ministry.

Worship: As we worship we seek to passionately love and glorify Jesus and celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Because God’s house is a house of prayer for all nations, we are committed to pray and fast that His Kingdom will come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Prophetic: For the church is founded on Apostles and Prophets, we welcome and honour the prophetic ministry. We are called to be a prophetic people and are committed to do only what we see our Father say and do.

Healing: We believe God desires us to be whole, physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. We believe Gods desire is for the Holy Spirit to work through supernatural and natural means to bring healing to all who desire to receive him.

Family: We believe strongly in the family and are committed to its strength as a building block of our church and society.

Unity: Jesus gave us the commandment to love one another. Therefore, we are committed to walk in love and unity in our home, our church, among different ethnic groups, and among the churches in the city.

Evangelism: We seek to demonstrate and declare the Good News, heal the sick, and incorporate people into our church through personal and corporate evangelism.

Missions: Through missions we seek to plant churches and support missionaries in various parts of the world as God directs.

Discipleship: Through discipleship and training, we seek to call people to Jesus, to see them grow in Him, to radically live out His Word, and to release people and leaders into the ministry.

Giving: Because sovereign God uses finances to expand His Kingdom, we believe that God wants us to give joyfully and sacrificially with our offerings as a means to fulfill the Great Commission and compassionately give to the poor.

Renewal: Recognizing that none of the above can be accomplished in our own strength, we seek to be perpetually renewed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Life groups: Through small home group meetings, we seek to edify the Body and reach the lost by creating loving, accepting, and nurturing “life groups” where broken hearts can be healed, future leaders can be trained, and the Body can be strengthened. We desire to identify specific needs, as the Holy Spirit leads, to become faithful stewards of God’s blessing, Cells can provide an evangelistic opportunity where every believer can experience the excitement of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Youth: Because the harvest is the greatest among the young and because we sense a responsibility to reach the next generation, we place a high priority to reach and minister to the youth in our church and city.

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