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Pastors & Leaders

Pastors and Elders of YBF Church



Lead Pastor: Simon Ayrton

Worship Pastor: Zoe Ayrton

Simon and Zoe have been living in whitehorse since October 2010. They come from Birmingham, England and joined YBF to become associate pastors, responsible for Worship and Administration. Simon became Senior Pastor in September 2014.

Simon and Zoe have served as worship leaders and musicians for number of years. They have been married for seven years and during that time have enjoyed ministering together and gaining lots of experience under the mentorship of other pastors and ministers.

They have a passion to see peoples lives transformed through an encounter with the living God. They desire to see culturally sensitive worship impact communities and draw people to Jesus.


Director of Mission/Associate Pastor: Rick Turner

Kids Church Director: Nancy Turner

Rick and Nancy have been in the north for many years and have a passion for God to move powerfully in the communities of the yukon and beyond.

Both were saved radically through the “Jesus people” movement in California during ┬áthe early seventies. Revival moves of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit have been in their hearts ever since.

Rick and Nancy have been senior pastors of YBF after serving with Pastors Ed and Marilyn Bergman for some years. In September 2014 they handed this role over to Simon and Zoe, starting to explore more itinerant ministry in Quebec. They desire YBF to be a place where the presence of God impacts and changes lives, Jesus is glorified and we impact the world.




Elders: David & Shari Godfrey

David and Shari have been part of the church from around 1994 having moved to the yukon in 1980. Throughout that time they have seen many changes but can testify that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

Their home has always been a welcoming place for any who pass by and their gift for hospitality has been enjoyed by many.

They desire to see a church where all people feel connected, welcomed and encouraged no matter what their background or situation.



Elders: Al & Nancy Lyon

Al and Nancy moved to Whitehorse after living and raising family in Alberta.

An encounter with God some years ago moved them into a fresh awakening to the love of God. They received a new hunger to see his kingdom come on this earth as in heaven.

They are wonderful servants and their heart for God is contageous. They long to see people who come to YBF encounter Jesus in such a way that they become healed and whole, spirit, soul and body.


    • Pete Rose on January 3, 2017 at 4:10 pm
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    coming up for the yukon Quest,looking for a place to fellowship on the sunday before I leave for home.Just looking for a believing fellowship.

    1. Well we are a believing fellowship! You are more than welcome to join us. Our sunday services start at 10am and last until 11:45am roughly. If you need a ride or directions please contact us, we are located near the airport. Use the email contact on this page if you need further info Thanks. Simon

    • Pete Rose on January 7, 2017 at 12:43 pm
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    thank you, will for sure check out your fellowship.I am staying at the hostel Beez Kneez Bakpakers flying out sunday afternoon.

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